Back on the market

I sent out a brief tweet about this Friday and have received a number of queries, so I figured I should expand on this publicly.

No, I am no longer with Trace3. No, this was not my decision — I was happy with my position and work and was excited about what was happening there. At the same time, this was not a complete shock. I’m not at liberty to go into it (and even if I were, I don’t think I would anyway) but all living organisms (including vibrant corporations) change, and while many of those changes are good for the organism as a whole, they aren’t always so great for individual cells.

I have no hard feelings. I had a fantastic time at Trace3 and have learned a lot. I wish everyone there all the success in the world and am reasonably confident they’ll grab it. At the same time, there were some aspects of my fit at Trace3 that could have been improved on. Always being remote with no local co-workers, for one — that was a definite downer.

I’m feeling confident in my ability to find my next job. I have some exciting opportunities under way. In the meantime, though, if you have a lead or opportunity, let me know — and yes, that does include the potential for 1099 independent consulting work.