And @marypcbuk Nails IT

Amid all the bustle of MEC, I’ve not taken a bunch of time to read my normal email, blogs, etc. However, this article from ZDNet caught my eye:

Windows 8: Why IT admins don’t know best by Mary Branscombe

The gist of it is that IT departments spend a lot of time and effort trying to stop users from doing things with technology when they would often be better served enabling users. Users these days are not shy about embracing new technology, and Mary argues that users find creative ways around IT admins who are impediments:

The reality is that users are pushing technology in the workplace — and out of it. The Olympics has done more to advance flexible and remote working than a decade of IT pilot projects.

What got her going is the tale of an IT admin who found a way to disable, via Group Policy, the short tutorial that users are given on navigating Windows 8 the first time they log on.

I see this behavior all the time from admins and users – admins say “No” and users say “Bet me.” Users usually win this fight, too, because they are finding ways to get their work done. A good admin doesn’t say “No” – they say, “Let me help you find the best way to get that done.”

Mary finishes with this timely reminder:

See something new in Windows 8? If your first impulse is to look for a way to turn it off, be aware that you’re training your users to work around you.

What a refreshing dose of common sense.