Exchange Environment Report script (#DoExTip)

My inaugural DoExTip is a script I have been rocking out to and enthusiastically recommending to customers for over a year: the fantastic Exchange Environment Report script by UK Exchange MVP Steve Goodman. Apparently Microsoft agrees, because they highlight it in the TechNet Gallery.

It’s a simple script: run it and you get a single-page HTML report that gives you a thumbnail overview of your servers and databases, whether standalone or DAG. It’s no substitute for monitoring, but as a regular status update posted to a web page or emailed to a group (easily done from within the script) it’s a great touch point for your organization. Run it as a scheduled task and you’ll always have the 50,000 foot view of your Exchange health.

I’ve used it for migrations in a variety of organizations, from Exchange 2003 (it must be run on Exchange 2007 or higher) on up. I now consider this script an essential part of my Exchange toolkit.

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3 thoughts on “Exchange Environment Report script (#DoExTip)”

  1. Thanks for linking to this; I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet, as I tend to prefer tools that will work across a variety of Exchange versions, but I will definitely play with this when I get a chance.

  2. You better do..if you are powershell pro like I am, then keep an eye on this blog in the couple days, lots of powerhsell stuff I didnt get the time to publish yet will surface soon.
    Should you have any idea for scripts, share it pls and will code it for you..

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