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Let’s Test It!

I’ve been studying karate for nearly five years now, and I don’t think I’ve shared this story before. When we’re sparring, students are required to wear the appropriate protective gear. No head shots, for example, if you’re not wearing head protection. For males, a sports cup is mandatory, for reasons that probably don’t require elaboration. When I was […]


How To Develop Patience

“Lord, give me patience, and give it to me now!” I’m willing to bet most of of us have heard that joke (or some variant) at some point in our lives, but it underscores a serious question: how does one go about learning to exercise patience? I’m no guru or saint, so I can’t answer […]


A Psalm for Karatekas

Last night I went to my first karate class in several weeks. On the way, my brain reinterpreted Psalm 23 from the viewpoint of a karateka. Enjoy. 1 The LORD is my sensei; I shall not fear. 2 He makes me work out with white belts; he leads me through katas. 3 He perfects my […]


Two karate blessings

These past 14 months that I’ve been a karate student have given me a number of deeply satisfying moments, including the joy of sharing an activity with my daughter. Last Tuesday, however, proved to be an especially fruitful class for both of us. Starting in September, the YMCA agreed to try out dropping class fees […]


A Path of Nines

Nine months ago I stepped outside of my comfort zone and started a month of karate at the local YMCA. I didn’t expect to renew for a second month. It turns out that I love it. I’ve gotten to the point that I start dreaming about the things I’m doing, which is scary on one […]


Empty hand

In my previous post, I talked about taking a class at the local YMCA. You may have noticed that I didn’t mention which class I was taking; that wasn’t by accident. I didn’t feel like talking about it until I knew it wasn’t going to be another fad. Well, last Tuesday, sensei awarded me my […]


The beatings shall continue until the anatomy improves

One of the reasons I’ve been a lot quieter on the blog front for the past month is Call of Duty 4 (actually, let’s be honest; that’s one of the ways I’ve chosen to spend a lot of my free time since Christmas). However, at the beginning of July, I added a new reason: I […]