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Let go of Windows XP, Office 2003, and Exchange 2003

The day has come. s the end of an era, one that many people do not want to let go. I can understand that. I drove my last car, a Ford Focus 2000, until it died in the summer of 2010. I loved that car, and we seriously considered replacing the engine (which would have […]


The iPhone Wars, Day 121

120 days later and I figured it was time for an update on the war. First: I still hate this thing. Somewhere along the way with one of the iOS updates, the battery life started going to crap, even when I’m barely using the device. When I use it as a personal hotspot, I can […]


The iPhone Wars, Day 1

Part of the fun of settling into a new job is the new tools. In this trade, that’s the laptop and the cell phone. Now, I already have a perfectly good laptop and cell phone, so I probably could have just gone on using those, but where so much of what I do is from […]


Defending a Bad Decision

t’s already started. A bit over 12 hours after MSL’s cowardly decision to announce the end of the MCM program (see my previous blog post), we’re already starting to see a reaction from Microsoft on the Labor Day holiday weekend. SQL Server MVP Jen Stirrup created an impassioned “Save MCM” plea on the Microsoft Connect site […]


Ain’t Nobody [at Microsoft Learning] Got Time For That

If you track other people in the Microsoft Certified Master blogosphere you’ve probably already heard about the shot to the face the MCM/MCSM/MCA/MCSA program (which I will henceforth refer to just as MCM for simplicity) took last night: a late Friday night email announcing the cancellation of these programs. I was helping a friend move at the time, […]


A Few Bullet Points on American Gun Culture

I’m a gun owner. I hold a concealed pistol license in the state of Washington and I own a pistol and a rifle, which I have taken reasonable and prudent steps to keep locked up and safe when they are not in use. Although I have not taken a formal gun safety class, I have […]


Autism Is Not The New Cool

Pardon, y’all. It’s been a while since I’ve been here <peers at the dust>. I’ve had the best of intentions, but sadly, my bogging client of choice (Windows Live Writer) doesn’t auto-translate those into actual written blog posts yet. Maybe in the next version. <sigh> I can hear some of you (both of you still […]


Self-imposed silence

I really hate that there are things I want — nay, need — to write about right this minute and I can’t because it would be revealing too much about sensitive stuff that isn’t my place to talk about. What good is a personal blog if you can’t use it to rant and kvetch and […]


A few thoughts on email

Email clients need to be more intelligent. For example, I can appreciate the Request Read Receipt feature that Outlook/Exchange and other email systems offer; it makes sense in a corporate environment, or when sending correspondence with business partners. However, all bets are off once you starting emailing the Internet in general. Why, oh why, do […]


A letter to my bank

Dear Big-Ass Bank, Many years ago, we switched our accounts to you from one of your competitors because they had crappy customer service and you did not. In fact, your customer service rocked our socks off. Sadly, it has become clear that you’re more interested in trying to grab customers from other banks than you […]


A letter to IT marketing people

Dear IT Marketing people; You are required to immediately cease and desist from using the phrase “perfect storm” (example: “the current regulatory environment creates a perfect storm for compliance vendors”) in any subsequent communications or materials. You may be under the delusion that it shows that you are hip and trendy, but all it really […]


How not to do customer service

Apple sells gift cards that can be redeemed online or in their physical stores. So far, so good. Apple sells gift certificates for iTunes — both phsycial and email versions. So far, so good. A friend got me a $50 Apple Gift Card for Christmas. So far, awesome. Apple won’t allow my to use my […]


Spoiler ettiquette reminder

This isn’t aimed at anyone in particular whose blog I read, or who I know reads this blog, but more of a general comment prompted by the reaction of a friend who just received a huge Battlestar Galactica season 3 (the current season) spoiler on Digg: If you’re talking about the current season of a […]


Stop doing that to the language!

Words mean things. If I have one word such as “request” that functions both as a noun and a verb, and I have another word such as “ask” that is a synonym for it as a verb, that does not mean that “ask” is a synonym for “request” when used as a noun. “Ask” is […]


People Whose Asses I Need to Kick #3: Geek Flamewar Zealots

“My computer can beat up your computer.” What a load of horse hockey. I’ve long been tired of the whole PC vs. Mac vs. Intel vs. AMD vs. RISC vs. Windows vs. UNIX vs. Linux rat race, and was finally motivated to sum my precise feelings yesterday when commenting on a friend’s computer plans: Computers […]


People Whose Asses I Need to Kick #2: Followers of natal horological astrology

I think Robert Heinlein said it best in “The Happy Days Ahead”, an essy from his 1980 collection Expanded Universe:

Heinlein may have been a opinionated old fart, but he usually put a lot of thought into his opinions, and he draws a completely valid distinction between what he called natal horological astrology and […]


Introducing a new category: People Whose Asses I Need to Kick

This will be a category I visit every now and then. Think of it as a running list of things of such excruciating stupidity that the people who do them need to get their asses kicked. It won’t name specific names, unless I think that would be more funny than otherwise. To start off… People […]


WTF, mate?

I don’t get this. I post pictures of myself and get feedback — one half-assed crack, at that. I post about the bloggers opposing Alberto Gonzales and nothing. WTF, mate?* Is this thing on? Hello? * “WTF, mate?” is a quote from the hysterically funny and definitely raunchy Flash animation “The End of the World”. […]