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The iPhone Wars, Day 121

120 days later and I figured it was time for an update on the war. First: I still hate this thing. Somewhere along the way with one of the iOS updates, the battery life started going to crap, even when I’m barely using the device. When I use it as a personal hotspot, I can […]


The iPhone Wars, Day 1

Part of the fun of settling into a new job is the new tools. In this trade, that’s the laptop and the cell phone. Now, I already have a perfectly good laptop and cell phone, so I probably could have just gone on using those, but where so much of what I do is from […]


Review: Cooking for Geeks (O’Reilly)

Edit 1/1/2013: (Belatedly) updated the author’s website per his request. Writing books is a ton of work. Making them appealing is even more so, especially when your audience is geeks. You have to know your stuff, you have to present it well, and it doesn’t hurt if you can make it entertaining. In the technical […]


Review: Protect Your Windows Network by Jesper M. Johansson and Steve Riley (Addison-Wesley)

  Title: Protect Your Windows Network Authors: Jesper M. Johansson and Steve Riley Publisher: Addison-Wesley ISBN: 0-321-33643-7 Price: $49.99 SRP (578 pages with CD) Let me cut to the chase: if you’re a Windows admin and you are at all worried about security, get this book. Now. Okay, having said that let me tell you […]