Do you have a need for a Windows, Exchange, or networking help in your business or organization? I am available for independent consulting engagements.

I believe that it is my job as a consultant to help you get your real work done. Your real work is probably not information technology — that’s just a tool that you use to help your company get its real work done. Technology is not a magic bullet and there is usually no one right way to do things. I help you find realistic options and make informed choices about their impact to your budget and productivity.

I believe that it is my job to be a good steward of your resources. Common consulting practices such as travel, on-premises siting, and locked in hardware/software sales only raise my costs, which then get passed on to you. You end up spending more money in return for lower efficiency! I use collaboration technologies such as Exchange calendaring, Live Meeting or WebEx, VPNs, and file sharing services to improve my productivity and lower costs for all of my customers. If you feel that it is critical I be on-site, let me know ahead of time so we can discuss your requirements and find realistic alternatives.

Use the contact form to reach out to me for a quote. I look forward to hearing from you!